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“Great stories, well written and heartfelt. Prisoner of Southern Rock  is an engaging and entertaining celebration of southern music, musicians and characters.”

 - Chuck Leavell, musical director, The Rolling Stones

“Michael Buffalo Smith as a musician, writer, critic, and southern music historian really gets it. His taste and deep appreciation for the real thing are qualities that inspire all of us in his wake. And it's a big wake."

 - Billy Bob Thornton, Oscar Winning Actor & Southern musician

"At last! -- a memoir from Michael Buffalo Smith, who has lived and breathed Southern Rock since the genre's inception. Lock me up and throw away the key!"

-Marshall Chapman,  Artist/Songwriter/Author


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New eBook Published!

Michael Buffalo has a new eBook that has been released this month through all of the major outlets, including Barnes & Noble (nook); Amazon (Kindle); and Apple (iPad). The eBook is caled FIRST KISS: MY 40 YEAR OBSESSION WITH THE HOTTEST BAND IN THE WORLD.

It's a memoir of his love for the theatrical rock band KISS, which began way back in 1974 when he was in high school, and they were just getting started. Along the way, KISS would prove to be a major source of influence on all of Michael's creative ventures: They were favorite subjects in his cartoons; their first album was among the first songs he learned to play on guitar; and as a budding writer, he took great pleasure in writing about the four greasepainted New York rockers.

This fun little book includes interviews Michael conducted with both Gene Simmons and Peter Criss several years ago. It is Smith's first ever foray into eBook publishing, via Book Baby, and will not be made available in print. Because he wants any and everyone who has an interest in the band KISS, rock and roll, or just another side of his recent PRISONER OF SOUTHERN ROCK memoir, he has set the book price at only 99 cents. 


"Happy To Be Here" Again

Due to years of requests, Michael Buffalo's long out of print debut solo album HAPPY TO BE HERE has been given a new life in the digital realm. The recording is once again available for download at cdBaby.com, as well as iTunes, Amazon and all of the usual digital outlets.

The album was recorded and released in 1996, and features fourteen songs, all originals. Joining Buffalo on the album were: Iconic Spartanburg musician David Haddox, drums/keys/percussion/backing vocals; Ingeborg Haddox, backing vocals, guitar; Joey Parrish, bass; Paula Powers, vocals; Chris Corde, saxophone, fiddle; David Windhorst, vocals, guitar; and Mark Burrell (Toy Caldwell Band) Drums.

The cover photo is an award winning image from former Inman Times editor Hilda Morrow, depicting the late Ernest Chapman shaving in his front yard.

Songs include "Stone Houses," "Fairytales," "She's Got a Hold On Me" and "Hannah's Song," written for his 4-year old (step) daughter, who now has her own tiny little kid. Two of 'em, actually.

In keeping with Buffalo's efforts to help during the economic weirdness, the album will sell for half the price of comperable downloads. His previously released hard copy CDs have had prices slashed as well. Check it out!(cdbaby.com)


New Mercer University Press Book in 2014

Buffalo's next book on Mercer University Press out of Macon, Georgia is called REBEL YELL: AN ORAL HISTORY OF SOUTHERN ROCK. The book is completed and in production now, and will feature a foreword by legendary Southern Rock manager and businessman Alan Walden. Watch this page for updates.


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