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•Writer  •Southern Rock Historian  •Musician  

•Performing Artist  •Radio Host  •Cartoonist/Illustrator


"Michael Buffalo Smith as a musician, writer, critic, and southern music historian really gets it. His taste and deep appreciation for the real thing are qualities that inspire all of us in his wake. And it's a big wake." 
- Billy Bob Thornton







"Michael Buffalo Smith begins Rebel Yell aptly with an insight of Charlie Daniels', that the brotherhood between Southern musicians is the unifying force behind the genre "Southern Rock" more than any single musical style shared by bands from the South. Smith then invites us to sit at the table with the heroes and legends of the diverse genre: the players, technicians, crew members and friends. I know and love many of them, and they are captured faithfully. Listening to the rambling tale of the extended family my father Duane and his Allman Brothers gave birth to in 1969, the power of the brotherhood is palpable. It is fitting that this history is expressed in the vivid voices of the people who lived it, many who we have since lost. There is no prouder southern tradition than the love of storytelling, except maybe the love of playing music together. There are many twists and turns in this tale, some funny, some tragic, all fascinating and in the end, inspiring. Rebel Yell is a gift Smith has given back to the musicians he has always loved, and we all benefit from receiving it."

--Galadrielle Allman
(Author of Please Be with Me: A Song for My Father


“Today there are lots of writers interested in what happened during the seventies - and also the sixties - and Buffalo has remained steady on top of getting the job done, before the others have even started. Rebel Yell is an outstanding example of his hard work and dedication.” 

- Alan Walden, Former manager of Lynyrd Skynyrd & The Outlaws


“A true and fair, tell it like it was, "Keeper of the Flame!" That’s our Michael alright. Sho nuff! Oh! He is also a very good listener. Hence the great storyteller."  

- Bonnie Bramlett, Singer and Actress


“It's really hard to argue with anything in Michael's book.  Every word's a quote! He did an amazing job of compiling these mini-stories that are not drawn out or boring.  Recommended!”

- Ed King, former member of Lynyrd Skynyrd


“Nobody lives, breathes, and bleeds Southern Rock like Michael Buffalo Smith. Rebel Yell is as real as rain.”

- Harvey Dalton Arnold, former member of The Outlaws


“Michael Buffalo Smith is the true voice of Southern rock, and Rebel Yell clearly echoes that." 

- John Lynskey, Editor Hittin' the Note magazine


"Michael Buffalo Smith has a unique passion for the preservation of the history of Southern rock. Rebel Yell is the result of years of loving dedication to the genre, giving him a special ability to present the oral history of this important American musical revolution." 

- Scott B. Bomar, Author of Southbound: An Illustrated History of Southern Rock


Michael is the  Flannery O’Connor of Southern music, integrity of music and literature. These [the artists in this book] are only a few of the great people and things Buffalo has written about over the last thousand years.”

 - Col Bruce Hampton


“Buffalo knows the tale of Southern Rock inside out and tells it with flair.”

- Alan Paul, Author of One Way Out: The Inside History of The Allman Brothers Band


“Few people have been in the trenches and know and truly understand the 'nuts & bolts' of the music called Southern Rock. As an author, composer, recording artist, magazine editor and radio personality, Michael is a living encyclopedia who knows and tells the true and real story.”

- Greg T. Walker, Blackfoot  



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