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Saturday, 23 August 2014

The sound you just heard was the sound of boards creaking as I stepped up onto my soap box. I just can’t hold back any longer. I have to rant a little. Please bear with me, do not adjust your set, and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming immediately following this column.

I have never understood our trading pieces of green paper and shiny metal for goods and services. Especially given the fact that the paper and metal is backed up by pretty gold bricks, which are essentially rocks. And everyone spends a small fortune on a wedding ring, because someone somewhere decided these clear, shiny rocks called diamonds were super valuable. I guess I think too much. 

What I believe. I believe that judging someone by the color of their skin is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of. I never have understood that. 

I believe that this whole oil thing is a trap that could be avoided. I believe that some men with more dollars than sense are controlling each and every one of our lives, and we don’t see it. I believe that the gas prices are ridiculous, and that the gas they are selling us now is cheaper quality. Have you noticed how quickly it burns? I have. I believe that there are alternative fuels in place, hidden away in the Pentagon, so that big oil can be protected. It’s hidden right in there with the perfect solar powered car, the cure for cancer and AIDS, other things the government doesn’t want us to know about. What would the pharmaceutical industry do?

I believe that the mass media is used to poison our minds, keep us scared and make us live in fear and worry. Watching the evening news is like being strapped into that brain washing machine Captain Kirk was almost hit with on that episode of Star Trek that time. The one that would have completely wiped out his mind so that it could be reprogrammed.

I believe Star Trek was filled with positive life lessons, and brilliant predictions for technology that have already come true.

I believe The Allman Brothers Band was and is the greatest rock and roll band in history.

I believe in one God, a Universal Spirit that flows through every person, animal, plant and virtually everything we see and don’t see. I believe God is a loving God, not the one I learned about as a boy, when the Preacher would stand on the pulpit and yell the words, “Fear God!” My God doesn’t want fear. He doesn’t want hate. He is all about love. I believe without God we are nothing. 

I believe Global Warming is killing our planet, and unless we all get off of our asses and do our part, Mother Earth will be no more.

I believe there was a whole lot more to the 9/11 tragedy than what they are telling us. A whole lot more.

I believe that what you are now reading is a "column," not a "blog." I started out writing columns for newspapers, and I'm still doing the same thing, so I refuse to call it something else. I believe that "blog" is the dumbest word in history. I also hate the words selfie, baby bump, and people who say "I know, right?" 

Maybe I have just watched too many episodes of The X-Files, but I do believe with all my heart that the truth is out there. Waiting. I want to believe.

- Michael Buffalo Smith


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