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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

We at The KUDZOO Radio Hour are happy to announce that, after four years of broadcasts via Blog Talk Radio, we are moving! The show will now become a part of the fine family of programming at Wild Man Steve Radio! Also, the show is moving from our old Sunday night slot to SATURDAYS AT 8 PM/EST. Please tune in this Saturday when our special guest will be the one and only Charlie Daniels

I think you will be as excited as I am with the difference in AUDIO QUALITY, and EASE OF USE. Of course, the chat room is a thing of the past, but I welcome comments and suggestions. Just e-mail me!

Thank you to all of the devoted listeners who have supported the show over the past four years, and I hope you will continue to check us out! By the way, be SURE to put your internet radio "dial" on www.wildmansteve.com for the best eclectic music mix online, 24/7!



Michael Buffalo

"The Ambassador of Southern Rock"


                                               Charlie and I.





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Monday, 21 April 2014

Welcome to the latest installment of “Please Allow Me To Attempt To Influence Your Pop Culture Tastes!” Just some music, books, etc. that I currently find highly addictive. Please “comment” and tell me if you agree or disagree!



Tarpaper Sky – Rodney Crowell

    Everything you’d expect and more from this seasoned Nashville songwriter. Songs of life, death, love and Jesus. It don’t get no better, folks.

• Ghosts – Idlewilde South

   A five star debut from a great South Carolina band. Excellent songwriting and melodies that stick in your head.

OTHER STUFF DOMINATING MY MP3 PLAYER: Johnny Cash, Out Among The Stars; Harvey Dalton Arnold, Outlaw; Hornbuckle, Virtue & Vice; Billy Eli, The Unexplainable Billy Eli; Bruce Springsteen & The E-Street Band, High Hopes; Bekka Bramlett, What’s In It For Me?; Delaney and Bonnie, Motel Shot; Miranda Lambert, Four: The Record; Billy Joel, Greatest Hits; Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline.


Enough Said – An overweight 50-something guy with a great personality finds love with a beautiful, funny, smart woman his own age. What’s not to love? James Gandolphini’s final starring role. No Tony Soprano here, folks. SPOILER ALERT! Except when she hurts him, he gets “that look” in his eyes, and for a second I pictured him having her whacked. Just kidding.

• Baytown Outlaws – A recent movie that quickly went to DVD. Not sure if it ever actually made it to the big screen. Billy Bob Thornton is a drug lord in this dark comedy alongside Eva Longoria as his wife, who, after her loving husband shoots her three times in the gut, hires three redneck brothers to abduct her special needs son from the clutches of his evil father. Good ol’ boys with guns! There’s even some Skynyrd on the soundtrack!


Fargo – Speaking of Billy Bob, the reviews are in on last weeks debut of this new FX series based on the cult hit movie by the Coen brothers. Funny, shocking, brilliant. I hate that it's only a 10-episode series, but what the heck. It's a peach, doncha know! (Tuesday, 10 PM)

The Americans – Now in its second season, it’s the story of a spy couple from Russia set during the cold war during the 1980’s. Also on FX, it is, like Fargo, a decidedly “adult” show. Lots of sex, violence, and brain-melters. Great casting. Great script.

Believe – A cute kid with extraordinary powers is on the run with the help of friends, trying to keep her from those who would exploit her power to do harm rather than good. All the way along the journey she hands out minor miracles and healings. (And lifts a cab with her mind like a much cuter version of Yoda.)


One Way Out – Alan Paul – The definitive history of The Allman Brothers Band, as told by the actual band members, family, crew and those who lived it. A great book, especially when paired with…

Please Be with Me: A Song for My Father – Galadrielle Allman The daughter of Duane Allman went on a mission: to learn about the father that was tragically killed when she was only 3-years old. This is a detailed, beautiful story, from the early life of Gregg and Duane’s mother (who rode a Harley at a time when not a lot of women did such an adventurous thing), all the way through Duane’s youth, early musical forays, FAME, and finally The Allman Brothers Band. Beautifully written.

A Catcher in the Rye – J.D. Salinger  One of my all time favorites, I have just begun reading it again for the ump-teenth time. Classic.



Not only is this the new home of KUDZOO Radio, it is just a great 24/7-radio station. Log on, click listen, and go! Steve, based in Auburn, Alabama, is a terrestrial radio legend and does his morning shows M-F. Great music and programming.  


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Saturday, 19 April 2014

“Kids say the darndest things.” – Art Linkletter

I found myself going out into the icy cold rain yesterday evening to fold myself into the low riding Mustang of my friend Tim. He had come to take me to the Mary Black Hospital  Urgent Care Center because I had been feeling poorly and just couldn't put my finger on what the problem was. (As it turned out, I had a bit of a nasal infection, and after starting on antibiotics I already feel pretty great.) I had a second problem that’s much more personal, but it checked out fine as well. Hallelujah!

The Urgent Care Center is a really nice place. The nicest thing about it, is that unlike the emergency room at the hospital, you can actually be seen by a doctor without waiting six or seven hours. It was only about 45 minutes waiting before I got in, and I must say the doctor and the nurses were just as nice as they could be. I like that.

I had walked up to the counter to give the lady all of my particulars, card numbers, height, weight, shoe size, favorite color, paper or plastic - well, maybe not that much. As I walked back to my seat – now it was a nice little distance from the counter to where we were sitting – I noticed two children running around in the waiting room.

To be honest, there were only a handful of people there, maybe ten at most. I couldn't help but notice how darn cute these kids were. It was a little three-year-old boy and his big sister, who was all of five years old. Of course, I've been wearing these leg wraps to take down the swelling in my legs and ankles – they are working quite well, thank you very much – and I've been using a walking cane just a bit for balance. So I can imagine what these little kids were thinking looking up at this giant of a man with legs like the mummy walking stick like Barnabas Collins. Now, I've been doing quite well on my diet and I have lost a good bit of weight over the past 6 to 9 months, but that's only a drop in the bucket to what I have planned. Even still, I'm sure I present quite the imposing figure at times with my beard and my hair growing ever so close to my shoulders.

As I walked back, the kids stopped playing and stood right in front of me. The little boy spoke to me with wide eyes.

“Be careful mister. Don't fall.” The kid really seem to care.

“Don't worry buddy,” I said. “I won't.”

They both followed me back to my seat, and after I had sat down, the little boy spoke again. “Do you want a haircut,” he asked.

Without missing a beat, I sat on the edge of my seat and leaned toward him.

“Why yes, thank you sir. Will you give me one?” I ran my fingers through my hair.

“Oh,” I continued.” I'll bet you don't have your scissors with you, do you?”

Hey shook his head no.

“I bet you guys are ready for Easter, huh?” I asked.

With this the sister spoke up “We've been dying eggs all day,” she said. “We're going to an Easter egg hunt tomorrow.”

“Oh, “ I said. “That will be so much fun. So is one of you sick?”

“My bruthuw is,” she responded, lifting her arm and putting her hand up close to her armpit.” We think he's got a broken rib.”

“Oh, I'm sorry to hear that,” I said. “But these folks will get him fixed right up. They're really nice.”

“Yes,” she said. “I want them to fix him because he can't even hug!”

“Really,” I asked. They both shook their heads no in unison.

“Well that’s got to be fixed quickly,” I said. “Everybody needs hugs.”

They both smiled. At this point the nurse opened the door and called me back.


I looked over at the kids, and then looked over at their mother, a pretty 25ish – year old young lady who had been observing all of this was a big smile on her face. I spoke to her.

“You have great kids.”

“They are the best, aren't they?” She replied.

I looked back at the children. “Happy Easter kids. And you get better soon, little man.”

The boy looked up at me and smiled as he spoke. “You feel better soon to,” he said. “And happy Easter to you.”

As I walked back toward the doctors office, I felt warm inside, like I had received a special gift. A very special, unplanned Easter gift.

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